Although our agency has its office in the Slovak capital, we don’t find Bratislava the most interesting destination in this country. Bratislava’s best quality is its ideal location. From here it is easy to make one day-excursions to 4 countries: Small Carpathians or the Danube valley of Slovakia, Southern Bohemian vineyards and baroque towns, Lower Austria including Vienna and the Györ-Sopron areas of Hungary. Also the Christmas Market in Bratislava is popular, as many of the streets and squares in the city’s Old Town offer traditional food and drinks and the sale of local arts and crafts from small kiosks on the main square.

Our favorite destination in the Slovak Republic is the pretty, small town of Banska Stiavnica. This not-so-well preserved medieval mining town is relatively hard to reach by main roads and due to this it is never too crowded. In Banska Stiavnica one can find lots of decadent palaces and temples, a reminder of the times when this mining center used to be one of the wealthiest places in Europe. Easy-going people from a variety of countries have made Stiavnica their hometown and this enhances the unique, international atmosphere You can feel here.

Other Sloavk destinations worth mentioning are both high and low Tatra-mountain ranges where our visitors can find plenty of different out-door activities. The most beautiful part of Slovakia is said to be the headwaters of river Hron, Horehronie valley South of the low Tatras. The area is quiet and almost uninhabited and the landscape here is incredible. Slovakia is loaded with medieval hill-top castles in various states of ruin. Many of them are open to visitors.