We are already very experienced in hiking tours on Catalonian Costa Brava and the Pyrenees. We most recommend activities on the peaks of mt. Montserrat which is not hard to reach thanks to the railway and capin lifts taking visitors half way up to the monastery of Montserrat. Also Valley of Nuria offers great mountain views for people, who like some light, vertical challenge as well. Most beautiful combinations of sea and mountains can be found on Cap de Creuz peninsula North of Costa Brava.

Our most beloved city in Catalonia is Gerona where it’s possible to visit the best restaurants of the world, get to know buildings and remains of different historical eras and make great shopping in towns markets.

A great gastronomic event in Catalonia appears to be Mediterranean cooking weekend where visitors can make shopping on the markets and use their own apartment kitchen to prepare marvelous meals with local experts.

Friends of arts can find exiting fragments from production and lives of Dali, Gaudi, Picasso or other interesting geniuses.